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Abortion Procedure

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Abortion Services:

The day of your appointment you will have a urine pregnancy test. You will fill out a short medical form. We will go over a consent form and review your options and concerns.

You will have a blood test to check for RH factor typing. If you know your blood type and have a blood donor card, bring it with you and you might not need the blood test. If your blood is RH factor negative you might need a Rhogam medicine as well at an additional charge. You will have an exam and ultrasound by the physician to check the length of the pregnancy.

Abortion Procedure:

First, vaginal medication is used to start a natural dilation of the cervix.
Then the aspiration is performed with anesthesia and then a sonogram is done to make sure it is completed You ll be able to go home after a short recovery and we will give you complete aftercare instructions and a prescription for antibiotics and analgesics.

Abortion Pill:

This is an option if the pregnancy is less than 9 weeks. The RU 486/mifeprex acts by blocking the progesterone receptors in the uterine lining and the misoprostol or cytotec is a prostaglandin analog. We' ll provide you with the  medicines and a prescription for a short course of antibiotics.

Follow up exam:

We'll give you a two week appointment and at that time we will provide you with contraception information and review your options.

Two Locations:


37-54 75th St.
Jackson Heights, NY

(By Roosevelt Ave train station E, F, M, R and 7 trains)

(718) 429-8777


6721 Avenue U
Corner E. 68th St
Brooklyn, NY
(bus 3 and 41, by car, Belt parkway to exit 11N (Flatbush Ave.)

(718) 531-6969